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The Problem.

Banks have become really good at saying NO to small business funding. When they say no, we help you find alternative banks that say YES.

Capital Shortage.

Running a business normally requires fixed expenses that aren’t always concerned with whether you can pay for them or not. When cash runs low, we can help so that you can get back to operating your business.

Limited Options.

Most business owners only know a few ways to fund their business. Knowing just one more, can literally be the difference between life and death for your business. Increase your funding awareness and decrease your risk.

Real Experience.

Most business finance professionals have never experienced the challenges that you as a business owner deal with daily. This means they will never truly understand the importance of the right funding to your business. We do.

Our Solution.

We partner with alternative banking institutions that don’t just look at your past but your current success and your future. This allows us to connect you with real life, attainable financing.

Traditional banks mainly look at one qualifier – personal credit. Alternative banks look at actual business revenues, earned invoices and even business equipment as collateral.

Only 20% of all small business applicants are approved for a bank loan. Furthermore, the average loan cycle takes 30-90 days before funds are in hand. Alternative banks grant you funds in as little as 24 hours – literally.

Your loan amounts are only as limited as your monthly revenues. Normally, you can borrow 80-90% of what your average monthly revenues are.

With traditional term loans they normally start at 12 months and beyond. While that has it’s advantages, alternative banks allow you to choose 3, 6, 9, or 12 month terms to fit your needs.

Traditionally, most alternative loans are paid back daily and are a percentage of your sales for that day. This variable type of repayment structure fits right in with your real life operations and sales. If you want to change to pay weekly, we can help you achieve that as well.

Contrary to popular belief, traditional banks don’t care about your history with them. They only care how risky you are (or are not) at the time of the loan application. If you’ve banked for 10 years with a bank but had one bad year, you will not be approved. It’s the total opposite with alternative banks. Once you repay your first loans, the relationship actually matters.

How It Works.

Save time with our fast & simple brokerage process.
A decision in just hours, not weeks.


Submit Your Application.

Start our application here. Alternative banks normally require 3-6 months worth of bank statements and a personal credit pull. After you get those items to us, just sign our virtual brokerage agreement and we can go to bat for you.


We Review & Submit.

Once we’ve received a completed application from you, we’ll do a quick review to ensure all requirements have been met. We’ll also do a further analysis and start some preliminary conversations with our banks to see which may be the best fit for you, prior to your credit inquiry.


Get A Funding Decision.

Within 24-48 hours from a completed application being submitted, our bank partners will circle back with a decision for you to review. If they give an approval, they will provide you with at least one offer and potentially more. From there, we can work together to determine which option is best for you.

Our Finance Products.

We primarily specialize in the brokerage of revenue based and accounts receivable financing. Additionally, we have access to traditional loans and lines of credit as well. See below:

Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring is a financing option available to businesses that invoice businesses (B2B) or government agencies (B2G).

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Merchant Cash Advance

A Business/merchant cash advance is an upfront sum of cash in exchange for a portion of your future sales.

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Business Line of Credit

A Business Line of Credit (LOC) allows you to draw against a predetermined credit limit, as you need it, instead of receiving the full loan amount at one time.

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Business Term Loan

A Business Term Loan provides borrowers with set quantities of cash to be paid back over predetermined periods.

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Why Runway.

There are many capital brokers in the marketplace making promises of fast money, no collateral  and big loan amounts. While many of these claims are true, they don’t speak to the needs of you as a business owner. Your business is a marathon, not a sprint and while we move quickly, we must not only understand your short term needs but long term as well to make the best recommendations.

We're Business Owners.

We created Runway because our big bank client relationship didn’t matter when our business needed money and we felt helpless. We vowed to find alternatives and share our discoveries with other business owners to empower them in their time of financial growth or need.

We Provide Holistic Business Counsel.

If you need $20,000 next week, getting a loan isn’t always the best answer. You may be able to push out vendor payments 60 more days to free up the money from that payable to pay for your shorter term needs. Or, you may just be able to generate new revenue through product or service sales. We will discuss ALL of your options with you before recommending debt.

We Can Get You Funded.

If after our consultation, we determine that the only option to solve your cashflow need is debt, we go to work for you and find the money. The only way we won’t be able to get you funded is if you’re not as strong in each of the 4 collateral areas, otherwise, we can get you funds very soon.

Alternative Banks. Your Bank.
Typical Funding Amounts Funding amounts are normally 80-90% of your average monthly revenues. Only 20% of applicants are even approved. These amounts can be low for first time borrowers.
Speed of Decision Bank offers can be submitted to you the same day and normally within 24 hours. For declines, decisions are instant, for partial approvals it will take a few weeks for finalization and actual approval.
Required Documentation. Normally 3-6 months worth of bank statements and a personal credit inquiry. A formal plan for how the funds will be used, secretary of state documents, business address verification letters and a personal credit inquiry.
Required Collateral One of the following: Future business revenues, client invoices, business equipment or personal credit. Personal credit, maybe they will consider a lien against your property.
Repayment Options Daily, weekly or monthly payment options and repayment amounts can adjust with your actual sales for that period. Normally done monthly and the repayment is fixed irregardless of a good or bad sales month.
Attainable Capital 65% of applications submitted to alternative banks are funded, these banks generate revenue from the funding so it’s in their best interest to capitalize you. Banks traditionally make money off of interested generated from deposits and other fees like overdraft. By nature, they have to be conservative in approvals because it’s technically not their money even though loans are advertised like they are.
A Real Relationship Once you demonstrate solid repayment history, it is very common for instant renewals at cheaper rates and better terms. You’ll be fine as long as you meet the banks criteria at the time of application but if you don’t, you will be denied regardless of your time banking with them.

Let Us Find The Right Business Capital For You.

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